Sandstone: An Anthology to Support This House of Books

Sandstone AnthologyHelp an independent bookstore: buy a book!

The profits from the sale of Sandstone, an anthology of contemporary Western writers, go directly to This House of Books, Billings’ first cooperative bookstore. You’ll read stories and poems here from writers you love: Tami Haaland, Shann Ray, Jamie Ford, Anna Paige, Dave Caserio, and many more.

I’ve even got a few in it.

Here’s one of the more whimsical:






The Morning the Pasque Flowers Bloomed

Waking with magical powers

Tim strolls with his dog across Mumbai, Aleppo, and Kabul

Off-capping to busy neighbors and offering Bella’s amiable head

to children’s’ curious hands


Later, he’ll oversee

the transformation of moldy leftovers into penicillin


He will make sure cobalt blue teapots adorn all gardens across all continents

reminding people that the sky has not always been blue

nor love so complete


After that, he will see to it

that Dr. Watson outwits Sherlock Holmes


Basking in his successes, he’ll try out the curse of the Bambino,

comma splices, accidents, illness, and heartache


He plans to do something about laundry and housework, generally


Tomorrow, just for fun,

he will see to it that on every piece of paper on every desk on the entire planet a cat stops


If only for one day, every man will lift its tender body in his hands

and feel the grumble of love against his fingertips