Well, you must be thinking, we haven’t heard from Danell in a few days. She must be having a grand time on her book tour, living the glamorous life of a writer—being whisked from party to party, rubbing shoulders with dignitaries, drinking so many champagne toasts she’s forgotten her friends.

Oh, only if that were true.

Instead, I’ve been struck down by that scourge of humanity—the flu. Or maybe a  very nasty cold. Whatever it is, here’s the picture that sums up my current life of glamour:

Tea and Kleenex

Tea and Kleenex

When you have chills and a fever, a headache and a stuffy nose, you don’t really care about anything but getting relief.

Still, my fevered spirits were lifted when Jon, my agent, sent me texts with pictures like the one below: shelves of London bookshops where he’s “spotted” my copies of my book!

Spotted Duant Books

Spotted Duant Books Marylebone, London

O.K. The photograph has a bit of the “Where’s Waldo” about it. (It’s right there—promise—look for the black and white cover in the middle.)

It also shows how tough the book business is. Look at all these amazing titles readers have to choose from!

Writing books is for those who love words and stories. Publishing them and selling them, well, that’s a lot more about serendipity.