Danell Jones at desk

I love teaching.

As both student and teacher, I have felt the thrill of discovery and the flush of understanding that happens when we read and discuss books together. Such epiphanies don’t occur every day, but walking into a classroom knowing they are possible makes teaching so fulfilling.

Even though writing is now my full-time job, I still teach a few literature and creative writing classes through the Big Sky Writing Workshops.

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What Students Say About My Classes

Creative Nonfiction

She made this class wonderful!

Best class/instructor ever!

This was an incredibly fun class.  I learned so much from Danell.  It was an extremely effective class. I loved it.

Danell is an amazing teacher—she has provided guides, but still allowed everyone to explore and grow in his/her own direction.  BEST CLASS EVER!

Danell is always amazing at having us participate.  We are always, always engaged.

She inspires and makes us want to learn.  This has been one of my favorite classes for my five years here.

She is a great professor and is very knowledgeable about what she is teaching!

Danell makes all other professors appear as incompetent slobs worthy of nothing more than the lowliest of compensation.  If she started a revolution, I would follow blindly without question of conscience or motive.


Poetry Workshop

Balanced learning, creativity, caring, and standards.

Very engaging content and a lot of referenced material from other poets—helping students continually hone their skills. Very encouraging and positive—wanting our best always.

Great course.  I have learned so much.  And enjoyed every minute.

She was always excited to explain and show, making class very enjoyable.

She held a creative, vibrant poetry workshop.


British Literature

One of the best teachers I’ve had. Ever.

Great professor.  I would recommend her to anyone.

Danell is absolutely one of my favorite teachers and an exceptional talent in already talented department.

Dr. Danell Jones was by far the best professor I have had.

She motivates her students to learn.  She always comes to class prepared with appealing and educational lecture not seen often on college campuses. She is always available to help and give advice.

She creates humor, enthusiasm, and knowledge to create a wonderful learning environment.  I absolutely love her!

Danell’s enthusiasm for the course material has been an inspiration.

She has gotten her students to want to read the material based on her own enthusiasm. She is a remarkable professor.

She awakens interest and curiosity with her energy, charisma, and love for the subject.


She is innovative, fresh, and charming.  She also clearly cares about students and wants her class to both learn and enjoy learning.

World Literature

My favorite class!

She has high standards for writing, which pushes her students to succeed. I’ve really enjoyed having Danell.  I think she’s a great teacher.

Taken a broad range of topics and narrowed them down to a plausible grouping with similar themes.  Her presentation and class engagement are excellent. Danell rocks!

Dr. Jones was well-informed about many of the writers and works we studied, which is impressive given how many different ones we read.  She was also good at stimulating lively discussion.

She has provides stunning insights into the social issues within different pieces.  She has done an excellent job at stimulating interest in occasionally flat or difficult pieces.

This class managed to cover approximately 30 authors and the time sped by!  She is an analytical force of nature.


Women and Literature

Danell is one of the most enthusiastic professors I’ve had in all four years.  One class a week can be brutally long, but Danell did a fantastic job keeping us engaged and motivated.  Some of the texts we have read are complex but stimulating.

Challenging but enjoyable class.

Dr. Jones is a fabulous instructor.

Danell Jones has been one of my favorite professors by far, of my college career.  She poses questions about the text that really reach into the psychological motives of the characters.  Jones gets really excited about class participation and is there for students.  Amazing grasp on the history of women in literature.

Very well-organized course and a very knowledgeable professor. Finally, I have been introduced to the Female Canon.

Professor Jones is excited about the content every class.  It has been a pleasure taking this course from a professor with such a wealth of knowledge.

Dr. Jones is an exquisite instructor!  Her enthusiasm is contagious!  Her accessibility is fabulous—she is responsive in the classroom and after hours.  Her mastery of the subject matter is excellent.  I would take any class she instructs.

She has been an absolute delight of an professor!

Made the three hours go smoothly…a rare feat!  It always flies by.

Danell is approachable, knowledgeable, encouraging, optimistic, and gets material across in a clear, effective, and even fun manner.  You know the teacher is doing her job well when students hang around after class to discuss the material with her, despite the class ending at nine p.m.  This teacher and class inspires me to do my best with the curriculum—so much so that it is the first class in  my college career in which I have read all the required reading.  And I’m a senior.  Danell is a fabulous teacher.

She does everything well.  Dr. Jones is a truly exceptional instructor.  I have enjoyed the heck out her class.  And that should in no way indicate a cake walk class.  I learned the subject matter and was made to work for this class.