Whimsical Muse

The world seems especially weighty at the moment, and we need our creativity more than ever.

Yet, many of us find that creativity continually waylaid. Often the desire to create simply isn’t strong enough to defy a world of distractions, especially if we’re not sure how to begin. It’s easier to focus on the million things we have to do and put our creativity aside yet again. The truth is, we need reasons to be creative.

That’s why I’m so please to announce the publication of my new book: The Whimsical Muse: Poetic Play for Busy Creatives published by Two Sylvias Press.

The book is for anyone ready to think of the blank page as their playground! Each thought-provoking prompt invites writers to jump right in and start creating. No planning, no agonizing, just writing. These unique poem-starters instantly tap your creative unconscious and guarantee you will never be at a loss for inspiration. Perfect for poets creating in the privacy of their own rooms or writing groups looking for a shared creative experience. Just the thing for teachers and professors longing for a book that will inspire their students to let go, have fun, and create poems they didn’t think possible.

Are you thinking perfect holiday gift for that creative in your life?   .

If writer’s block is real, then finally here’s a cure. The Whimsical Muse is a playful little book packed with quirky and thought-provoking poetry prompts…I will use this witty and wise collection of prompts as a text for my students, and I hereby commit myself to employing these prompts in pursuit of my own new poems.
Lowell Jaegar

Montana Poet Laureate 2017-2019




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Spend more time chatting with the sun,” Danell Jones tells us. “Reel out the invented life as far as you desire.” In these “quick” and “lingering” prompts from The Whimsical Muse, Jones gives us daily sparks and insights to encourage her readers to write.  Every page of this book is a potential poem, and each quotation, each suggestion for either a brief exercise or a more extended exploration is designed to get us past whatever stands in the way.  What playful brilliance she offers in this light-hearted and vital book
Tami Haaland

Montana Poet Laureate 2013-2015