Five Years with the Whiteman

A New Play about A.B.C. Merriman-Labor


A new play about A.B.C. Merriman-Labor will be premiering at the Vault Festival in London, 28 February to 5 March! The co-writers, Eloka Obi and Saul Boyer have named it “Five Years with the Whiteman,” after the title of Merriman-Labor’s first lecture tour of Africa.

It is a one-performer show that blends Edwardian stand-up with an exploration of racial and sexual identity.

Here’s what the writers say about their play, “”Five Years is a resurrection of Black British History that is as necessary as it is entertaining. Black British perspectives in history scarcely represent the rich diversity of Black British people, and we hope that this play will go a little way in helping that. VAULT Festival, in all its chaotic, exuberant creativity and diversity, is the perfect venue to reclaim a story that explores the intersection of LGBTQIA+ themes and the perspectives of People of Colour.”

If you are going to be in London, you can book tickets here: Five Years with the Whiteman.